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Setting up Google Ads to Benefit your Clients

Managing a Pay-per-click campaign for a client using Google Ads is a great way to generate leads, and if done correctly, will result in a positive ROI that allows your clients to afford more ads: which should result in more income for YOU, as their paid consultant. Here are some key tips on how to structure your Google Ads campaigns to optimize their performance for your customers.

When you first start a campaign you should really concentrate on three areas with no more then 6- 12 keywords. Each set of keywords can have variations. Usually I group each set of keywords in Broad Modifier, phrase, exact. Broad Modifier protects your cpc by making sure some of your keywords in the search are typed.

For example a broad modifier of +accident car +lawyer in orange county, would make sure any variations of this keyword or search had to have the words accident and lawyer in it. If you just went with accident car lawyer in orange county, then your rolling the dice that google will serve your ad to similar searches which may yield weird or undesirable calls. For example “car lawyer in oc ” a phrase modifier would find relatable phrases in oc searches.

Typically if you are going to use car lawyer oc without “, marks you need to have a large negative key list. So I recommend building your negative key list with broad modifiers, phrases, exacts first and categorize them in the areas you find them.

Here is a breakdown of how your setup should look:

Car +accident +lawyer
“Car accident lawyer”
[Car accident lawyer]
+Car +accident +lawyer
“accident lawyer”
[accident lawyer]
+Car accident +lawyer
“Car Lawyer”
[car lawyer]

Negative Keywords Examples:

To help, Maybe law firms in your area, no injury etc.