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Why Just SEO Search Engine Optimization Doesn’t Work on its Own Anymore.

We get many clients inquiries that are behind the ball, they are just starting to advertise or work on web optimization after years of being in business. Although organic ranking is the holy grail of business its far from realistic expectations and can take years to manifest. The majority of businesses need business now that’s why they call. They also all don’t want to pay a lot or have an idea about it being expensive. A while back Google as a business, became smarter on ranking, they basically want you spending money with them to be listed. They look not just on your organic seo practices, but your spend on ppc. Sorry no short cuts or ways to avoid not spending money.

Here are ideas to grow your ranking and also put a fast track to organically being ranked:

I would recommend using forums and multiple social media platforms to promote your site and landing pages. For example a forum on custom cars 2001-2005 should have a link to a landing page that’s similar. You can then add blogs and ppc banner ads to related sites involving custom cars 2001-2005. Remember google list pages not full websites. Using ppc such as article writing or blog through companies like outbrain helps bring traffic to your landing pages and website. We call these sales funnels that can have a trickle effect on leads and conversions. I would keep in mind that this is what I call a hybrid approach to branding and lead gen. You are branding but also trying to convert a lead by using branding like campaigns with the goal of conversion after all you should always be wanting conversions to drive more profit.

Here is a break down of how your site and marketing strategy should look:

Website-> landing pages-> social media platforms ->ppc campaigns> ->landing pages->website

Website->Blogs-> social media outlets-> ppc- outbrain etc-> Landing pages->website

Optimization landing pages with more text less photos. Always have a call to action like submission form or phone number to call for more information.

Feedback and Questions

Examples of great forum building and discovery by using you tube bumper ads placement and discover ad placements. By finding the relatable forums you can begin to setup accounts and start giving to those communities to boast your seo.


  • Standalone SEO is not an effective marketing strategy
  • Combining SEO with social media and PPC improves branding while generating new leads

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