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Author: Nate Lee

Keybranch Media

Here at Keybranch Media, our top priority is you. We work hard to be able to provide you with the best service and personalized attention. Each client is different and here at Keybranch, we adjust to each of your needs. We offer a wide range of services strategically designed to launch your business and start from the top. We combine many years of experience and a lot of training with a staff ready to serve and accommodate you, at unbeatable rates and total transparency. Our main services are banding product development consultancy and paid per click advertising strategy improvement, but...

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Why Just SEO Search Engine Optimization Doesn’t Work on its Own Anymore.

We get many clients inquiries that are behind the ball, they are just starting to advertise or work on web optimization after years of being in business. Although organic ranking is the holy grail of business its far from realistic expectations and can take years to manifest. The majority of businesses need business now that’s why they call. They also all don’t want to pay a lot or have an idea about it being expensive. A while back Google as a business, became smarter on ranking, they basically want you spending money with them to be listed. They look not just on your organic seo practices,...

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Setting up Google Ads to Benefit your Clients

Setting up Google Ads to Benefit your Clients Managing a Pay-per-click campaign for a client using Google Ads is a great way to generate leads, and if done correctly, will result in a positive ROI that allows your clients to afford more ads: which should result in more income for YOU, as their paid consultant. Here are some key tips on how to structure your Google Ads campaigns to optimize their performance for your customers. When you first start a campaign you should really concentrate on three areas with no more then 6- 12 keywords. Each set of keywords can have variations. Usually I group...

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Fixing Current PPC Campaigns on Google and Facebook

Many times we will run into campaigns that have simply stopped working and many ppc marketers have trouble fixing them. Sometimes campaigns run their course and need to be fixed. But just because a PPC campaign has stopped producing results, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to fix it and get it back on track.  

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