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Fixing Current PPC Campaigns on Google and Facebook

Many times we will run into campaigns that have simply stopped working and many ppc marketers have trouble fixing them. Sometimes campaigns run their course and need to be fixed. But just because a PPC campaign has stopped producing results, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to fix it and get it back on track.


In google I have seen hot campaigns turn cold in under two weeks. It always has you scratching your head on what happened. Typically the campaign is still good, just some variables happened that you weren’t ready for.

The first thing I notice is your ad starts showing in a location that had a competitor fall out of and your not getting conversions or the searches are not on par. You would need to delete that location or bid down. Typically I’ll bid down if the area isn’t serving with conversions but the searches are on and I feel I need to just give it some time. Also if impressions are low or it’s a cheaper area then why not try a bit more. Now that doesn’t mean I will continue to waste money in that area I need to make sure that the conversions for that area are in line with other areas or I may be driving towards a pitfall.

Another reason ads may drop off is  in that area your quality score went down, maybe a competitors clicking on your ads or people are bouncing to much. Perhaps that area is too competitive and your placement position has dropped. You may need to go to other areas or switch from cpc to conversions only to get out of the cpc bidding war that’s transpiring.

I also would look at the times of day and the placement during those times. Everything should be driven by conversions and cost per click. Another thing to check is call only ads to web link ads. If your call only ads are not performing you should switch and visa versa.


  • Just because an ad stops performing, doesn’t mean you should shut it off completely
  • Check for changes in conversion metrics to identify tweaks to get performance back on track

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